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Leadership Nuts & Bolts Part 1

Leadership Nuts & Bolts Part 1

Price: $19.99

By definition, a leader needs follower to lead. This means that skills in leading and managing people are crucial for effective leaders. However, the ability to lead effectively relies on several key skills, but also leaders have vastly distinctive characteristics and styles. There is, in fact, no one right way to lead in all circumstances, and one of the main characteristics of good leaders is their agility and ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Leaders are essential when it comes to devising and communicating new strategic directions and communicating with and motivating employees to enhance commitment to organizational goals. Additionally, developing better people skills helps leaders accomplish business objectives faster and be more productive. People skills entail honestly having a good relationship with employees and co-workers. When you can connect with others, you build a trusting, productive work environment that benefits everyone. The ongoing leadership nuts and bolts training is crucial to ensuring that leaders are on the right track.

Leadership Nuts and Bolts (Part One) is divided into the following four modules:

  • Module One: Constructing Your Influence

  • Module Two: Communicating Vision

  • Module Three: Development Plan

  • Module Four: Emotional Intelligence

And each of this module is divided into three lessons.

Learning Objectives:

Module One

  • Techniques for Influencing and Persuading Others

  • Influence and Organizational Politics

  • Influencing Others as a Leader

Module Two

  • Communicating Vision as a Leader

  • Importance of Communicating Vision

  • Techniques for Communicating Vision

Module Three

  • Setting Development Goals, Objectives, and Actions

  • Evaluate Your Personal Leadership Development Plan

  • Assess Yourself and Your Environment

Module Four

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • Improving Perception Competencies

  • Using Self-management and Social Skills

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