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Learn Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn Adobe Premiere Pro

Price: $94.99

A bad edit can ruin good looking footage, strong performances on screen, and tons of planning.

Whether you’re too intimidated by Premiere Pro or you want to take what you already know to the next level, I’ll share everything I know about it and have learned over the past few years making hundreds of videos for myself and companies like Smart Passive Income,, and Gumroad.

Through five hours of video lessons this course covers:

  • Software layout, workspaces & multiple monitors, and file management
  • Importing files, syncing video & audio, and creating multi-cam sequences
  • Editing a first draft quickly, text effects, warp stabilization, and shortcuts
  • Audio workspaces, mixing, transitions, effects, and layering volume levels
  • Color correcting, grading, white balance changes, & green screen keying
  • Exporting using Media Encoder, dynamic linking to After Effects, Audition, Speed Grade, Photoshop, etc.

Video editing can be a huge time suck. Trying to figure out how to use Premiere Pro can seem nearly impossible because there is so much to learn.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve spent countless hours watching endless tutorials to edit my videos faster and better. That is why I put this guide together.

There are plenty of excuses for not editing videos, but “know-how” should not be one of them.

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