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Learn Cloud Project Management

Learn Cloud Project Management

Price: $19.99

Cloud Project Management

Welcome In this course we are going to talk about Cloud Project Management and what are the skills you need to be a successful Cloud Project Manager.

A lot of organizations both big and small are in the process of Digital transformation to meet the demands of their customers and upgrade their infrastructure and applications.

And these organizations need Project managers to handle these digital transformations. That is where Cloud Project Managers come into the picture.

There is a huge demand for Cloud specific Project managers now and this demand will increase in the future.

There are seven different skills that are required to be a successful Cloud PM. In this course we will talk through each of them and understand why we need to learn these skills.

Course Content:

· Quick Introduction to Cloud Project Management

· Project Management and Cloud Technical skills required for a Cloud PM

· Different certifications that can help you gain required knowledge about the three big public cloud providers

Amazon Web Services

o Microsoft Azure

o Google Cloud Platform

· Introduction to DevOps, SRE, Release Engineering and Infrastructure as code (Terraform)

· Introduction to Cloud Migrations and FinOps

o Different types of Cloud Migrations:

. Lift and Shift

. Hybrid models

. Cloud native applications

Please submit your feedback so that I can improve the content of this course.

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