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Learn JIRA Cloud for Software Teams with Practical Examples

Learn JIRA Cloud for Software Teams with Practical Examples

Price: $49.99

Are you new to JIRA Cloud? Are you working in Software Development Team in roles like Software Developer, Software Tester, Scrum Master, Product Owner or any other team roles and not aware how to use JIRA effectively? Do you want to keep yourself competitive in the IT market by leveling up your JIRA skills? Then this course is for you.

This course is the fastest path to level up your JIRA skills.

In this course you will learn about JIRA from very basic till advanced concepts of JIRA managing Sprints and backlog, managing testing activities in Jira using Zephyr plugin and much more. This course is well thought and designed in a way that will suit users of all levels in Software Development projects.

In this course I have started from very basic concepts of JIRA Cloud starting from free signup for JIRA Cloud and progressed to advanced topics of JIRA including JIRA advanced concepts like Sprints, Managing Backlog, Dashboards, Test Management, Agile Software Development, Reporting and much more with JIRA Cloud.

Along with the current existing topics in the course you will also have free access to any new video added to this course in future.

So just go ahead and enroll for the course as you are not going to get anything better with such a competitive price.


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