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Learn Secure Database Administration: MS SQL Server Security

Learn Secure Database Administration: MS SQL Server Security

Price: $94.99

Database management is so essential and critical for the enterprises but making it secure is more crucial than that. MS SQL Server is one of the most popular commercial RDBMSs recently.

In this course, MS SQL database management concepts will be explained with security in mind

All crucial security measures will be explained throughout the course and will be implemented during the hands-on practice labs.

With a hands-on style, we’ll cover topics such as

  • Preparing a windows server for secure installation,
  • MS SQL server configuration
  • Surface area reduction with sp_configure,
  • Extended protection against luring attacks and spoofing attacks,
  • Static and dynamic port configurations,
  • Channel and service binding techniques,
  • Hiding SQL instance
  • Policy based management and preventative policy examples
  • Patching and compliance
  • And many more best practices in this domain.

We will also have 2 lab assignments about creating a table name policy and a powershell proxy job on MS SQL Server, which we will solve the problems together.

By the end of the course, you’ll know how to install and manage secure MS SQL server with confidence, which gives you the skills to prevent data leakages even if the cyber attacks can bypass other security mechanisms in place.

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