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Listen to Learn : Improving focus while listening

Listen to Learn : Improving focus while listening

Price: $19.99

Your benefits from this course:

  • Avoiding the embarrassment of not missing something important while listening.

  • Actively engaging with the speaker and not feeling sleepy while listening

  • Saving time on self-study as important concepts are already understood in the class

  • Listening to videos without losing concentration

Whenever it comes to improving your memory skills, we are always focused on improving reading skills and retention skills. But what about listening skills?

Listening is the first step in which information gets introduced. But you still take your listening skills for granted, assuming it will be focused on when required. I am sure that is not helping you.

Same goes for e-courses. People think watching videos is a simple activity, and assume that they will automatically be focused while listening to them. But I am sure that you have experienced that it’s not so easy to listen with concentration. That is why I have created this course.

By the end of this course you will learn:

  • 8 mindsets shifts to make you a better listener

  • Body language tips to automatically improve your concentration while listening

  • Effective note-making skills to retain the maximum of what you are learning

  • Watching an e-learning course in a way to maximize learning

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