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Master Document Management System (DMS) with Alfresco

Master Document Management System (DMS) with Alfresco

Price: $94.99

Course is currently up-to-date as of 19 November 2015 ***


“One word – Superb! I am trying to learn Alfresco and this course did not disappoint me! Simple, clear, and the instructor explained it in an easy way. Thanks for this course and I was able to learn Alfresco in 1 day. Though I still need to become a wizard on this system, through this course, I believe I can easily achieve on that! I really thank the author who made this and this is all I can say for those who also want to learn – Try this and you won’t regret it! Thanks! Highly Recommended!” – Junnel Gallemaso


In less than 2 hours you will acquire best practices & get hands on training about Mastering Document Management System with Alfresco – or your money back!

You will get:

  1. An in-depth video step by step tutorial
  2. Detailed explanation about each functionality
  3. Best practices in implementation
  4. Exercises to follow so you will have hands on experience using Alfresco

Bonus :

  1. PDF Material for each lecture
  2. Alfresco Manual (PDF > 100 pages)
  3. LDAP/Active Directory Integration Configuration Script
  4. Custom Content Type & Custom metadata Configuration script

This course will regularly updated to reflects Alfresco newer version, so you can stay up-to-date with the changes.

Enroll now, and get your skills for DMS

Course is currently up-to-date as of 22 September 2015 ********

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