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Master The Art of CC++ programming with Arduino |  2021

Master The Art of CC++ programming with Arduino | 2021

Price: Free

I will introduce beginners to all the fundamentals of the Arduino programming language and the IDE to understand and practice how to write their own Arduino program from scratch. You will learn all the fundamentals of the CC++ programming applied to an Arduino board and practice your Computational Thinking with several exercise that will teach you how to write autonomously a Code from scratch without making blind Copy & Paste of others programmer’s code. You’ll both master how to use an Arduino Board and how to program to bring your ideas into functionals and well written Code.

The course follow a Step by Step approach specifically tailored for Beginners with no prior experience with Programming and Arduino and will clearly explain all concepts, starting from the very basic to the most advanced, and many insights to effectively understand how to use the CC++ programming in many real case examples

Step by step explanation of:

  • Anatomy of an Arduino Board

  • The Breadboard and its usage

  • The Arduino IDE: installation and overall functionalities

  • How connect you Arduino and upload a program

  • Difference between Analog and Digital pins

  • How to use Digital pins + Step By Step examples

  • How to use Analog pins + Step by Step examples

  • What is PWM and how to use it

  • How to use the Serial communication and the Serial Monitor

  • And Much Much more

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