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Master World’s Top 20 Effort Estimation Techniques with Ease

Master World’s Top 20 Effort Estimation Techniques with Ease

Price: $39.99

Estimation Techniques are essential skills for anyone especially from Team leaders till Senior Management.

This course primarily aims at making you an expert in estimating anything in Life and at your work place with focus on Software Industry. Be an hour task or up to 200000 hrs task, techniques learnt here will be handy to estimate them accurately with ease and very quickly.

About 20 proven Estimation Techniques are explained here with simple resolved exercises. And have included Quizzes / Estimation challenges to test your learning outcomes.

Also, you will also be learning about trending Agile Methodologies and Scrum Framework and its associated Estimation Techniques.

In addition, you will be learning to sequence the activities, plan the end dates, plan resources required and arriving at a Schedule of a project. Also, how to identify and manage the critical path of a project will be taught. Thus, you can learn to execute an entire project Successfully.

Overall, its an essential course for 2 yrs and above Software professionals. All the concepts are clearly explained and hope you derive the best out of this exercise and will be happy once it makes a difference in your career growth.

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