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Mastering Exchange Server 2016 with Powershell: Databases

Mastering Exchange Server 2016 with Powershell: Databases

Price: $79.99

The purpose of this course is to prepare you to automate time-consuming administrative tasks with the help of PowerShell.

The primary audience for this course is individuals who want to become an Exchange server administrator in an enterprise environment. Also, individuals who are assuming a new role requiring skills to configure, manage, and support Microsoft Exchange Server and Office Exchange Online with Powershell.

The goal is to provide coverage of Exchange tasks including topics like

  • Managing the mailbox databases

  • Moving databases and logs to another location

  • Configuring the mailbox database limits

  • Reporting on mailbox database size

  • Finding the total number of mailboxes in a database

  • Determining the average mailbox size per database


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