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Mastering Odoo Development – Technical Fundamentals

Mastering Odoo Development – Technical Fundamentals

Price: $19.99

New Video Lecture added June 15th, 2021 – WSL Development Environment setup

WSL allows you to create a local ubuntu environment inside of Windows easily and efficiently. The new video added to the course walks you through the process.

New May 23, 2021 – An updated build for Odoo 14 with some new cool features is now attached to the resources in the first lecture.

Mastering Odoo Development – Technical Fundamentals is a comprehensive Odoo Technical Training course from Odoo Class that is designed to take you from the beginning of installing Odoo all the way up to developing Odoo Applications. At the end of this course you will understand how the Odoo Framework fits together and have a strong foundation for building real Odoo applications.

The course now includes the complete application built in Odoo 14!

Also includes FREE ODOO 14 Installation Guide!

As the API has not changed fundamentally since Odoo 8… this course can be utilized in versions Odoo 8 to Odoo 14 with relatively small changes.

If you are following along with the course you may wish to use Odoo 9 to make things just a bit easier. However, versions of Odoo development past Odoo 8 are very similar so you should be able to make the transition without too much difficulty.

OdooClass continues to produce updated videos for Odoo and we hope in the future to bring more of them to the Udemy platform.

NOTICE – If you are an active Odoo Class subscriber, this video is included with your subscription. Please login to your Odoo Class subscription to get access to this course.

Odoo Class is recognized as the #1 source of Odoo Video Training and Workshops. If you Google for Odoo Class, you will quickly see that this is certainly not our first successful video course.

If you want to Learn to Customize Odoo or become an Odoo Developer, you have come to the right place!

If you are looking to learn how to develop in Odoo or want a complete comprehensive course to help you fill in some of the missing pieces you have been picking up trying to self teach yourself Odoo development… this is the course for you!

We have created over 100 Odoo videos over the past two years. Now we’ve created the definitive Odoo Development Master Course and made it available here on Udemy.

Here are some testimonials from Odoo Class Video subscribers:

I just wanted to say that the videos are great and have really opened my eyes to the capabilities with Odoo.

– Joey K.

I recommend Odoo Class for anyone want to learn Odoo, they have a very high quality videos for both functional and technical

– Vyas S.

I find your videos real easy to follow and often revert back to them as a point of reference…

– Peter Y.

First off I want to comment on all of the quality video editions you have recently added to your library. They have been tremendously helpful and I have been recommending your service to many people.

– John P.

Now we have taken what we have learned from creating more than 100 video training courses for Odoo and brought that knowledge here to create our first Udemy full length course, Mastering Odoo 9 Development.

Remember, if you are an Odoo Class subscriber you already have access to this course as part of your subscription.

What makes this Odoo course special?

1. We make it easy for those that are new to programming

While it certainly will be a little easier for someone who already knows some Python, this course does not require you to have any previous knowledge of Python.

Even if you have virtually no experience in computer programming we walk you through learning the Odoo framework in such a way that even a relative beginner can understand. In fact we show you several ways you can customize Odoo without even writing a single line of Python code!

If you are new to Python, we teach you how to add fields to any Odoo model, customize Odoo views, and creating you own menus and actions. Already know Python? That will make it all the easier. Just because we assume you don’t know Python doesn’t mean the course moves slowly. Within the 30 minutes of finishing your Odoo install you will be on your way to customizing Odoo!

2. The course helps you get Odoo installed and developing RIGHT NOW!

Even if you have never used Ubuntu before, we show you the basics on how to get around Ubuntu and enter the required commands to setup an Odoo server right on your Windows machine. You learn how to setup your Ubuntu server with Odoo. Naturally if you have never setup Ubuntu, you may need to watch the video more than once, Google a few commands, or ask a few questions in our help forum. If you wish to run a production Odoo server you will need to supplement your skills. Still, if you don’t know Ubuntu… this video will help you get started and you can follow along step-by-step with this course.

3. This Video is Designed to Help you Understand the Odoo framework

Instead of just showing you code examples we begin by going through the Odoo Framework and explaining how models, views and actions work together to make Odoo applications. You learn to customize Odoo without writing code making it easy to both understand the framework and prepare you for building powerful Odoo Applications.

We cover major development topics you will need for real Odoo customization and development.

  • Learn the power of the Odoo Framework

  • See how to customize Odoo applications without writing a single line of code!

  • Create your own Odoo Application from scratch

  • Learn to extend Odoo models with your own custom fields

  • Modify views to display the information the users require

  • Create your own custom search filters

  • Learn how to create your own custom menus.

  • Add functional fields to your models that can perform calculations

  • Learn how to use domain and context to limit data and create dynamic applications

  • Write utility scripts in Python to quickly translate and import data into Odoo

  • Learn how to modify Odoo reports

  • Get a solid foundation you can use to create powerful Odoo Applications

Will this video teach you everything you need to know about Odoo? No. The purpose is to give you a solid foundation and understanding of the Odoo framework and give you essential knowledge in Mastering Odoo Development.

4. Mastering Odoo Development uses a Real Business Example

While this is our first Udemy course, Odoo Class has created more than 100 professional Odoo videos. In all our video courses we always look at how to use Odoo to solve real world business problems. Unlike many video courses that just show you a set of disconnected examples or walk you through a tutorial that is already on other websites… this video is based on a real world example. Using a requirements driven approach we see how to extend product records with far more detailed information.

5. Updated Content – A strong foundation for becoming an expert Odoo Developer

This video course will continue to be updated to include all the important topics for becoming a solid Odoo Developer. With this course you will have a solid foundation to begin exploring more advanced topics and videos that we will produce both here on Udemy and on Odoo Class.

Please provide us feedback and additional content and future course videos we can continue to provide to the Odoo community.

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