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Maven Tutorial – Manage Java Dependencies in 20 Steps

Maven Tutorial – Manage Java Dependencies in 20 Steps

Price: $89.99

Maven is the most popular Java Dependency Management Tool.

In this hands-on course, you will understand how Maven makes the life of a Java developer easy.


5 STARS – Great Job! All you need to know about Maven

5 STARS – This course gives a comprehensive coverage of the essential features of Maven. After completing this course, you will have a working knowledge about Maven that you can use at real projects. Thank you Mr. Karanam!”

5 STARS – Although it is very concise all the main points are covered in some detail

5 STARS – This is the third course from the same author I am following. Great job 🙂 This course perfectly suits for absolute beginners with Maven who want to get good understanding of Maven basics at good speed and with depth enough at this level. Author covers a right amount of information to remember. Highly recommend.

******* Course Overview *******

You will learn Maven using a step by step approach with 20 steps. During the course, you will automate these using Maven.

  • Compiling Java Code

  • Running Unit Tests

  • Building Jar’s and Wars

  • Running web applications in Tomcat

  • Setting up new projects

You will learn following features of Maven with 5 Example Projects on Github.

  • Dependency Management – including Transitive Dependencies

  • Maven Project Object Model

  • Maven Build Life Cycle

  • Maven Plugins

  • Maven Archetypes – Generate Projects

  • Maven Best Practices

  • Multi Module Maven Projects

Start Learning Now. Hit the Enroll Button!

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