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Maximo 7.6 – A User Guide for Functional Consulting

Maximo 7.6 – A User Guide for Functional Consulting

Price: $19.99

A User Guide for Maximo which will strengthen your fundamentals of Asset Management. A very useful guide for Maximo system consultants and individuals who aim to be employed as Maximo consultants in the future.

This guide will train you for achieving success in the field of Maximo and Asset Management on the whole, not only as a Consultant, Analyst or Tester but also as a User.

Things which are taught in classroom or through lecture videos are always not that substantial enough and do not cover everything probably because of the time constraints. Most of the info or education one derives is mainly from the text books or even hands-on play around with the actual system. The lecturer may miss out on explaining certain important concepts in classrooms but an in-depth textbook will always retain that specific concept/topic and printed/soft copy of lectures are always easier to retain in memory and trace back to. Therefore I have detailed/covered a lot of content mainly in my lecture PDF files.

Fundamentals as well as contents of 2 advanced level Maximo courses which would cost close to $10,000 in other training institutes, all covered under this one Maximo course.

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