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MBTI – A Look at the INFP

MBTI – A Look at the INFP

Price: $34.99

Did you know that understanding your personality type can help you in love? Marriage? Education? Getting in shape? And even weight loss?

Did you know the INFP has the nickname of ‘The Healer’?

A delve into personality type will aid you in your journey of personal, professional, educational and even relationship growth. You will also gain a deeper understanding into your interactions with others as you deepen your understanding of the varying preferences!

This course is the most encompassing course on MBTI personality type that you will encounter. You will discover yourself through each section and lesson as you gain insights into your personality type and how it relates in the varying aspects of wellbeing: physical, intellectual, professional, psychological and interpersonal. However, we’ll start with the basics -identifying and verifying your type. You’ll then evaluate your true type.

You will learn about

  • the intricacies of MBTI

    • your personality type

    • the preferences

    • type table

    • functioning pairs

    • dominate preferences

    • the eight preferences

    • insights into the 16 types as it relates to your type

    • facets

    • effects of each preference

    • assumptions of type

    • mental functions

    • dynamics

This course ends with an entire section on continuous improvement – going to details on how to improve your personality type and how type develops over the course of an individual’s life. We’ll even look at how you can stop personality type development and participate in a conscious effort to drive type development!

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