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MD-100 : Windows 10 Microsoft Exam Practice Tests ( Updated)

MD-100 : Windows 10 Microsoft Exam Practice Tests ( Updated)

Price: $24.99

MD-100 : Microsoft Exam Practice Tests ( Updated Tests)

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: deploy Windows; manage devices and data; configure connectivity; and maintain Windows.

This practice tests course provides practice for taking the real exam and this practice test will help you prepare for the real exam test environment.

Exam Topics covered in Microsoft MD-100 Certification Exam :

1. Deploy Windows (15-20%)

Install Windows 10

  • perform a clean installation

  • perform an in-place upgrade (using tools such as WDS, ADK, etc.)

  • select the appropriate Windows edition

Perform post-installation configuration

  • configure Edge and Internet Explorer

  • configure mobility settings

  • customize the Windows desktop

  • troubleshoot activation issues

  • configure printers and external devices

  • configure Windows 10 by using provisioning packages

  • configure Microsoft Store settings

  • configure application settings

  • configure and manage services

2. Manage Devices and Data (25-30%)

Manage users, groups, and devices

  • manage local groups

  • manage local users

  • manage users, groups, and devices in Active Directory Domain Services

  • manage users, groups, and devices in Azure Active Directory

  • configure sign-in options

Configure devices by using local policies

  • implement local policy

  • troubleshoot group policies on devices

  • configure Windows 10 settings by using group policy

Manage Windows security

  • configure user account control (UAC)

  • configure Windows Defender Firewall

  • implement encryption

  • configure Windows Defender Antivirus

3. Configure Storage and Connectivity (15-20%)

Configure networking

  • configure client IP settings

  • configure mobile networking

  • troubleshoot networking

Configure data access and protection

  • configure NTFS permissions

  • configure shared permissions

  • configure local storage

  • manage and optimize storage

  • configure file and folder permissions

  • configure OneDrive/OneDrive for Business

4.Maintain Windows (30-35%)

Configure system and data recovery

  • perform file recovery

  • recover Windows 10

  • troubleshoot startup/boot process

  • create and manage system restore points

Manage updates

  • troubleshoot updates

  • select the appropriate servicing channel

  • configure Windows update options

  • plan for Windows updates

  • configure updates by using Windows Update for Business

Monitor and manage Windows

  • configure and analyze event logs

  • manage performance

  • manage Windows 10 environment

  • configure local registry

  • schedule tasks

Configure remote connectivity

  • manage Windows 10 remotely by using Windows Admin Center

  • configure remote assistance tools including Remote Assist and Quick Assist

  • manage Windows remotely by using Windows Remote Management and PS remoting

  • configure remote desktop access

This is an Unofficial course and this course is not affiliated, licensed or trademarked with Microsoft in any way.”

Wish you all the best !


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