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Microsoft Azure Information Protection AIP [Legacy Version]

Microsoft Azure Information Protection AIP [Legacy Version]

Price: $49.99

EDIT: With Microsoft changing its licensing and updating if you’re a completely new user this course won’t suit you. It will only suit previous and legacy users! If you want the updated version, check out our MIP course.

With this course you can install and learn how to use Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection.

This means you can easily get automatic file and email encryption to protect your data and communications.


  • Methodology – understanding how it works

  • Video walk-throughs – for exactly the process to set it up and install (as well as troubleshooting help!)

  • Free support for students

We’ve also broken it down for beginners and non-techies to understand.

Ideal for:

#1 Small businesses

#2 Lone tech guys learning

#3 Beginners

To save thousands on project fees and get access to this enterprise level solution yourself.

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