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Microsoft DP-100 Practice Exams : Updated Questions

Microsoft DP-100 Practice Exams : Updated Questions

Price: $24.99

Microsoft DP-100 Practice Exams : Updated Questions

This Exam DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure is for candidates who wish to become Azure Data Scientist Associate. So, one must qualify DP-100 exam to acquire this certification.The Azure Data Scientist applies their knowledge of data science and machine learning to implement and run machine learning workloads on Azure; in particular, using Azure Machine Learning Service.

Responsibilities for this role include planning and creating a suitable working environment for data science workloads on Azure. You run data experiments and train predictive models. In addition, you manage, optimize, and deploy machine learning models into production.

Exam Topics covered as per syllabus DP-100 exam Certification questions :

Manage Azure resources for machine learning (25–30%)

  • Create an Azure Machine Learning workspace

  • Manage data in an Azure Machine Learning workspace

  • Manage compute for experiments in Azure Machine Learning

  • Implement security and access control in Azure Machine Learning

  • Set up an Azure Machine Learning development environment

  • Set up an Azure Databricks workspace

Run experiments and train models (20–25%)

  • Create models by using the Azure Machine Learning designer

  • Run model training scripts

  • Generate metrics from an experiment run

  • Use Automated Machine Learning to create optimal models

  • Tune hyperparameters with Azure Machine Learning

Deploy and operationalize machine learning solutions (35–40%)

  • Select compute for model deployment

  • Deploy a model as a service

  • Manage models in Azure Machine Learning

  • Create an Azure Machine Learning pipeline for batch inferencing

  • Publish an Azure Machine Learning designer pipeline as a web service

  • Implement pipelines by using the Azure Machine Learning SDK

  • Apply ML Ops practices

Implement responsible machine learning (5–10%)

  • Use model explainers to interpret models

  • Describe fairness considerations for models

  • Describe privacy considerations for data

I have prepared this practice test course for all those candidates who are planning of taking DP-100 exam in near future.

This is an Unofficial course and this course is not affiliated, licensed or trademarked with Microsoft in any way.

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