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Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

Price: $19.99

MODULE 1: Managing PowerPoint Files

Learning outcomes: Organize and manage files within windows and use various file management tools to optimize your presentation.

Topics covered:

  • Using Windows Explorer within PowerPoint

  • File Management Tools

  • Using Presentation Tools: Optimization and Compression

  • Using Presentation Tools: Inspection and Checking

MODULE 2: Working with Pictures

Learning outcomes: Incorporate images into your PowerPoint file and learn a variety of picture editing tools to enhance your presentation.

Topics covered:

  • Inserting Pictures

  • Editing Pictures

  • Manipulating Pictures

  • Formatting Pictures

  • Managing Pictures

MODULE 3: Adding Multimedia to a Presentation

Learning outcomes: Import video and sound media into a presentation and customize and edit these elements.

Topics covered:

  • Inserting Video Files

  • Editing Video Files

  • Inserting Audio Files

  • Editing Audio Files

MODULE 4: Adding Tables Charts and Diagrams

Learning outcomes: Effectively use a variety of chart and diagram tools in order to display visually impressive stats and figures.

Topics covered:

  • Inserting Tables

  • Editing Tables

  • Formatting Tables

  • Inserting Charts

  • Inserting SmartArt

  • Formatting SmartArt

MODULE 5: Setting up Slide Masters

Learning outcomes: Customize and set up consistent and corporate templates by designing a set of slide masters.

Topics covered:

  • Creating a Slide Master

  • Using Placeholders

  • Using Slide Masters

  • Using Hand-out Masters

  • Using Notes Masters

MODULE 6: Reviewing Presentations

Learning outcomes: Learn collaboration and reviewing tools to help share and review your presentation with colleagues.

Topics covered:

  • Using Comments

  • Reviewing a Presentation

MODULE 7: Creating Advanced Types of Shows

Learning outcomes: Make the final tweaks and customizations to your presentation by working with options and presentation tools.

Topics covered:

  • Setting up Your Show

  • Presenting Your Show

  • Creating a Custom Show

  • Advanced Presentation Techniques

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