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Microsoft Visual Studio Code Complete Course(2021)

Microsoft Visual Studio Code Complete Course(2021)

Price: $19.99

In just 3 years, Visual Studio Code became the number 1 tool any programmer should use.

Even if you need a simple code editor, or a complex IDE, with rich features like Snippets, Git&GitHub, or debugger, VSCode is the tool you need.

Why use one tool for your HTML and CSS, one for your back-end development, and another one for course control, when you can have everything you need in one single, fast and beautiful program: Visual Studio Code.

Welcome to my Visual Studio Code Complete course, where you will learn everything you need about this awesome tool!

VSCode features and topics covered:

  • Introduction to Vs-Code

  • Vs-Code versions

  • Download, Installation, and setup

  • VS-Code interface guide

  • Search and Replace in VS-Code

  • Key shortcuts

  • Text Navigation techniques

  • Intellisense of Vs-Code

  • Emmet in VS-Code

  • Settings in Vs-Code

  • Themes in VS-Code

  • VSCode extensions

  • Keymapping in Vs-Code and its extensions

  • Snippets in VS-Code

  • Setting Sync in Vs-Code

  • Debugging Right inside Vs-Code

  • Built-in Terminal in VS-Code

  • Source control in Vs-Code (Git&GitHub)

The instructor covered almost each and every important thing which a new student need to know about the visual studio code to start working with it,

This course stands out with many advantages and highlights:

  • Updated content – Completely updated for 2021

  • Concise- Content with respect for your time, The course focuses on explanations.

  • Great visuals – Dark background, big font, 1080p resolution

  • Certificate of completion

Enroll and unlock the key to great productivity, no matter what technology you develop!

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