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Milestone Professional All Encompassed

Milestone Professional All Encompassed

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Price: $19.99

In this 25 part course on Milestone Professional, you will learn how to create, update, and present your Milestone Professional schedule.

Topics included in this course:

1.     Introduction.  Major Components of the Main Screen of Milestone Professional

2.     Creating a New Blank Presentation

3.     Create a Microsoft Project Schedule from Milestone Professional

4.     Help and Support

5.     Format a Schedule

6.     Update Milestone Professional from Microsoft Project

7.     Rows.  Insert or Delete a Row

8.     Columns.  Insert or Delete a Column

9.     Add Specialized Columns

10.   Schedule Title and Legend

11.   Symbol Notes

12.   Misc. Shortcuts, Adding Freeform Text, Enlarge the View, Sort and Filter

13.   Expand and Collapse Indicators, Save as a .PDF, Save as a PowerPoint

14.   Schedule Date Headings

15.   Display Progress

16.   Toolboxes / Sidebar Symbols

17.   Symbols

18.   Change Dates, Change Symbol Type and Shape

19.   Change Dates, Change Symbol Type and Shape

20.   Add Text and Color to a Symbol or Bar

21.   Horizontal and Vertical Gridlines

22.   Templates, Cloning, and Curtains

23.   Copy, Paste, and Views

24.   Set Outline / Indent

25.   Stoplight Indicators

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