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Mindfulness Masterclass: 4 Mindfulness Courses in 1

Mindfulness Masterclass: 4 Mindfulness Courses in 1

Price: $94.99

Welcome to the Mindfulness Masterclass!

This is a 4 in 1 course, meaning you’ll learn about the following four aspect of mindfulness.

  1. The Science of Mindfulness

We’ll delve into quantitative and qualitative scientific research that supports the practice of mindfulness so you can stay up to date with the concrete information supporting mindfulness. Mindfulness isn’t an abstract idea, it’s a superior way to boost your mental and emotional health and feel more present on a daily basis.

2. Mindfulness for Stress Management

I’ll teach you how to use mindfulness to manage your stress and live a more fulfilling life. In a busy, fast-paced society, mindfulness is becoming increasingly important. Stress is one of the reasons why mindfulness is such an essential skill today.

3. Mindfulness for Impulse Control

Impulses can run our lives. I’ll teach you how to stop and control your impulses whatever they may be. There’s also a Q&A section in this course that will allow you to ask questions about your impulses and receive concrete tips and tricks to control them.

4. Mindfulness for Anger and Frustration

I’ll teach you how to use mindfulness to control your anger and frustration. Anger is a survival mechanism and it’s important to learn how to control anger if you want to live peacefully and productively with others in a modern society. I’ll teach you how to control your anger, especially if it’s a force that dominates your life.

I can’t wait to teach you everything I know about mindfulness. Let’s delve into the background of mindfulness, then into some concrete tips and tricks so you can use mindfulness to gain full control of your life.

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