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My First Leadership Role

My First Leadership Role

Price: $94.99

I took my first leadership role way too early. I was 19 years old, in 2012, and had a team of 13 people. It was really hard and I felt insecure doing it. These were older people than I was, with more knowledge in many area and even more experience in the company. But my goal was clear. And I was learning by trial-and-error.

This course “My First Leadership Role” has the goal to form first-time leaders to navigate these new seas and people that will or want to take on a leadership role and start it with more confidence.

This course covers the fundamental concepts of leadership and management, teaching since the main topics that every manager needs to know, business vocabulary, how to deal with the hardships of being a leader and routine – the tasks and moments that you will go through in less than one year. Actually, most of it will happen before your first 6 months!

With a rich content, real examples and practical tools, for sure you will learn a lot and will feel much more confident and prepared to be a great leader and excellent manager!

What you will only find in this course:

  • Almost 10 hours of content: the most complet course on Udemy!

  • There is a total of 20 tools for you to unlock your leadership potential, starting today.

  • 5 of these tools are exclusive and unique to this course: from dealing with people, task prioritization, delegation, decision-making and emotional intelligence development.

  • I’m an instructor with years of corporate training to a wide audince, and with experience training my own leaders (which were my direct reports). So, I”m not one of those instructors that teach others how to do it, but don’t apply it.

  • Watch whenever, wherever in in which order you prefere!

  • 11 modules covering leadership from A to Z

  • Support and interaction with me: you can contact me at any time

  • Certificate of conclusion

Course content:

  • How to go from peer to leader: everything you need to know

  • Fundamentals on how to run a company: business concepts in less than 1 hour

  • How to build a high performance team: your role as a leader

  • How to deal with difficult people and situations

  • How to delegate and manage tasks, projects and deadlines

  • Making your team meet their goals

  • How to make decisions and solve problems

  • How to train and motivate your direct reports

  • How to be a more charismatic leader that people enjoy working with

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