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Network Simulation using NS2

Network Simulation using NS2

Price: $29.99

Network is an essential part of life. Without a network, it is impossible to live up the digital life. Along with the pros, there are cons. Security is an essential part of the network. Network Simulator (NS2) is a powerful open source network simulation tool. In this course, NS2 is discussed with hands on and plenty of examples. Many tools and techniques are covered with the support of shared resources. A candidate (student/researcher/industry person) who is willing to learn NS2 in depth, this is the right course for you!

This course is designed to learn NS2 from scratch to the level of implementing own routing protocol.

  • This course will help you to understand the fundamentals of NS2
  • The course make you to learn about several tools useful in NS2 development
  • The course contains demonstration of each and every tool and shares the resources of same
  • The course covers best practices in NS2 development
  • The course gives the in depth knowledge about automation of performance analysis to reduce the human efforts and errors

The course will help you to set a strong programming foundation. It will help you to be an expert in C programming. The course will help you to face any IT interview confidently.

Enjoy NS2 development!!!


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