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Neuroscience for Holistic Parenting: Rear up Peak Performers

Neuroscience for Holistic Parenting: Rear up Peak Performers

Price: $19.99


Build Child’s Academic, Social, Psychological, Behavioral, Emotional, Communication & Life excellence!

~ Identify Child’s Learning Style & make Academics FUN for them.

~ Build INSTANT RAPPORT with children with NLP TECHNIQUES.

~ Let them learn to CONCENTRATE on their will.

~ Help them develop SUPER MEMORY SKILLS.

~ Help them express their ANGER meaningfully.

~ Carve them into a LEADER: tough, bold & Strong yet EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT.

WebLinked_for-Udemy-Master Your Brain with Brilliant Behaviour Induction Technology.docx

Please accept my sincere gratitude upon enrolling in this Udemy course. Though my first Online one here but it is backed by my expertise in Education domain (good about 29 years as Principal & Director of Schools & Colleges) with umpteen Workshops, training Sessions & Offline Course development & delivery for Corporates, Parents, Institutions, Teachers & Students of all ages.

[About the Facilitator]

I am the Founder CEO of MindRaddiusEdulitions; an Education based Startup, established in 2007. The Course is based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & other sciences.

NLP combines Neuroscience with Social Psychology, Cybernetics, Emotional Intelligence, Behavioural Sciences, Cognitive Sciences, Neuroscience, Communication Science, Medicine & Clinical Psychology.

[What role Neuroscience plays in the course?]

I were disqualified in ‘Medical Practitioner Entrance Exam’, it shattered my life’s dreams & it made me so depressed that I took a 360 degree turn & did my M.Phil (Eng Lit), M.A (Eng Lit) & M.BA (Marketing).

But Science never escaped my mind & I chose NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for my Post-doctoral studies. It introduced me greatly to ‘Diversified Human Behaviour’ & presented valid explanation. I kept researching on Human Psychology, NLP, Cognitive sciences, Communication & psychotherapy for 8 long years & designed various courses for students, Teachers, Parents & Leaders.

All courses are practical implementation of theories learnt so far.

As a Doctorate in NLP & trained Neuropsychologist, Hypnotherapist , Brain Yogi, Healer & Life Coach I used NLP primarily for ‘installing ‘New Behaviours’ in masses – students, Teachers, Professionals & Organizations but sooner I realized the potential of the techniques drawn from Allied Sciences. I took a plunge into ‘Critical Medical Cases’, true to my inquisitive behavior. I worked on many critical mental & Medical cases & to my utmost joy & satisfaction, I could bring ‘permanent Physical, Mental & medical changes in Patients’ without compromising with medical treatments they had been undertaking.

It all took me 8 years of intensive Research, my firm faith in God & myself that I trained 30,280+ People, engaged 208+ Workshops, developed 28+ Offline & Online Courses so far & still counting.

I converted my entire Theory into Practical pieces & researched deeply into other sciences. I compiled the most effective techniques, drawn from the Sciences other than NLP & launched them as Legacy Creators. I designed various Training Programs for Corporate, Organizations & Individuals. My Work can be divided into three main Verticals:

1. [Corporate Trainings]

Leadership, Neuro Brand Communication, Communication, Behavioural Transformations, NeuroMarketing, Leadership Skills, Life & Soft Skills, Personality Enhancement & Management, Conscious Kids, Conscious Parenting &Teaching Workshops, Campus Prep, English For Competitive Exams, Conversational English Programs.

2. [Instructional Designing]

Developing Course Material for Organizations & self on different media: Social media, Corporate Video Scripts & Content development for Websites, Books, Blogs, and Videos & Audio books.

3. [Healing ]

I am trained in many modalities. To name a few: Inner Child Healing, Ancestral or DNA Healing, Energy Healing, Vibration Meditational Healing, Chakra Healing, Healing through ‘Fire Labs’, Colour Therapy, Dream Therapy, Fengushui , Vastu & Palmistry remedial healings. These healings are undertaken FREE OF COST from my FB Page>GeetaSawhneyMultiPurposeAcademy

[Why This Course is Unparalleled?]

Your query about the course or information shall be relayed as quickly as possible. So be ready with any queries you might have in mind.

We shall remain in touch with each-other through Announcements, e-mails, Blogs, FaceBook Page, FB Community (You enjoy FREE Life-time membership) & my Podcasts.

You can even watch my YouTube Channel (MindRaddius Edulitions) where I keep uploading lif-transforming content.

I shall keep adding videos or lectures as need be.

Would love to have your suggestions for kind of courses you need me to design.

mail me at


Jyotsna Sawhney

Founder CEO-MindRaddius Edulitions


Creator of BrilliantBehviourInductionTechnology


CHAPTER -1: Understanding Child’s Unique Mental Map & Rapport building Skills for an Individual

CHAPTER –2: Identifying Child’s learning style to enhance Perception & Clarity

CHAPTER – 3: Installing Life Skills in Children -NLP Techniques for Concentration Enhancement & Anger Control

CHAPTER – 4: Brain Power Maximizing, Memory & Intelligence Booster Techniques

CHAPTER – 5: How NLP Works on an Individual (A Child or an Adult) + NLP SWISH Techniques for Immediate State Change

[Course Description & Learning]

Parents face tremendous challenge with children’s behavioral patterns. What techniques Parents need know as to put their Wards on ‘Auto’ mode & simultaneously equip their Children with ‘behaviour discriminatory prowesses’ as to enable them to register ‘Right’ & ‘Wrong’ themselves? So here we present few NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques to help Parents & Children align mental makeup with new challenges.

Parents & Children have tremendous challenges in form of anxiety, phobia or negative behavior patterns stemming from individual ‘MENTAL MAKEUP’. It is decoding of personal experiences registered in mind & sadly enough, everyone uses them to make sense of life. Ironically when an individual communicates these maps with others it becomes an individual’s communication style. But after individual’s ‘Internal Dialogues’ change, neurogenesis takes place & learning journey gets very smooth. Since only 3% of Human Communication happens ‘Consciously’ & rest 97% ‘subconsciously’, so Subconscious mind is extremely powerful & ‘engaging’. While Subconscious Mind is a ‘Speaking Mind’, Conscious mind is a ‘Logical mind’. Our mind has ‘Subconscious Blueprint’ which we carry throughout our lives & even further. It is all in mindset when you tell yourself that ‘I have always been a looser.’, ‘I haven’t conducted my life successfully.’ Or ‘Good things don’t come to me often.’

So by reconstructing our ‘Internal dialogues’ & putting our mind on dialogue with our ‘Conscious Thoughts’, the ‘Brain’ can be influenced’ which is known as ‘Neuroplasticity’. You should make your beliefs else Beliefs will make you.

Establishing Rapport It helps all to ‘influence’; Children & Parents both should use this NLP Technique to help pick up things on a nonverbal level.

Once Parents, Teachers & Educators identify Children’s ‘Learning Style’ & ‘Internal Dialogue’, the learning journey gets very smooth.

NLP Technique comes very handy to Silence the Mind Chatter & Increase Concentration. By Installing these Life Skills in Children for Concentration Enhancement & Anger control, the Educators, Counsellors & Teachers can induct very strong personality traits in children.

The most important part of Academics is – Learning & Memory skills. NLP Techniques again come handy for Super Learning & Memory Skills.


Understanding Mental Map & Learning Rapport Building

Each Individual has a UNIQUE Mental Map & Common Learning methodologies don’t work with them. Understand Your Mental Map & Learn to put your Brain & Thoughts on “Autopilot” A Mental Map is the ‘Blue Print’ of an individual’s mind which comes into being with Beliefs, habits, one’s Social, Demographical & Psychological backgrounds.Rapport building allows easy connection, acceptance & openness as it helps all in ‘creating an accepting environment ’.

Identify Child’s learning Style

Neuroscience has defined 7 distinguished Learning styles. Everyone involved in Course would feel empowered & Confident in its ability to brilliantly understand the Inner & the Outer World. Children would begin to reflect an accelerated Brilliant Learning, Communicating, Performing, Socializing, Questioning & experimenting in a superior way.

< Lecture 3>Installing Life Skills in Children for Concentration Enhancement & Anger Contol

Control- Your Child’s difficulties & Challenges now metamorphose into Opportunities as he/she is in sync with its Core. All frustrations borne out of negative circumstance are converted into ‘Stepping Stones’ to success as the Child intelligently marks its own ‘Shortcomings’ & begins working on converting them into ‘Strengths’.

< Lecture 4> Nlp Techniques For Memory & Intelligence Boosting, Super Learning & Memory Skills- ‘Modelling’ & ‘Chunking’.

After Brilliant Behavior Installation Techniques are taught Children begin to apply the NLP-mediated Essential Life Skill to them in School life which was never like: Super Concentration, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Reading, and Writing & Fast Memory Skills.

< Lecture 5> How NLP Works on an Individual (A Child or an Adult) + NLP SWISH Technique for Immediate State Change

NLP techniques have been specially helpful in ‘Behaviour Transformation’. I have shared this NLP Swish Technique with more than 75 Clients & they reported this technique to be helpful beyond measures, in altering their BAD BEHAVIOUR & HABITS.

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