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OdooERP Functional Training 2021 from Beginner to Expert

OdooERP Functional Training 2021 from Beginner to Expert

Price: $19.99

Odoo is an open source ERP software system that makes tools for crm accounting e-commerce manufacturing sales and more. If you’re in the market for an ERP solution you’ll definitely want to consider Odoo but if you need to find a solution fast use this course knowledge to gain expertise of ERP software configuration

Odoo is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that offers a number of different apps to help you run your company whether you need to boost sales, streamline operations, Manage your Accounting or Manage your Inventory

Odoo makes apps to power your business you can start with a few modules and add more as your business grows

All Odoo apps integrate seamlessly with one another and you can select from hundreds of different community built apps to integrate odoo with third-party systems odoo erp includes an all-in-one human resources solution that enables you to centralize all your product information so you can manage your Inventory successfully

You have complete control of information such as overview of sales information at a glance detailed and sensitive information available only to Sales managers

Odoo ERP gives you accounting tools that help you save time while you grow your business you can sync your bank statements with your bank automatically or import your files the system lets you create professional looking invoices manage recurring bills and track customer payments manage bills and expenses while you automate most of your reconciliation process the accounting app comes with features that let you receive payments online you can also send reminders to your clients by setting up and automating follow-ups

Odoo ERP has a built-in reporting tool, so you can generate reports to view your earnings balance sheet or cash flow your accounting module also integrates with other tools such as expenses, inventory, pos and sales using the odoo

Customer relationship management system you can customize dashboards and generate real-time reports to get

insights you can also create sales scripts and schedule activities based on them automation tools allow you to capture information directly from opportunity sources like web pages email and others track your sales performance in real time and engage your customers better with messaging call logs and file sharing tools the crm integrates with more than 30 regularly updated main applications and thousands more from third-party developers

Together Odoo ERP apps cover a wide variety of evolving business needs you can improve your operations further with apps for inventory, procurement, manufacturing help desk or field service

There are many pros of Odoo ERP here are a few of them

Odoo ERP is intuitive and easy to use

It has been adopted by over four and a half million users worldwide with different technical levels who found the solution easy to use. They accessed the software and integrated with other apps without maintenance concerns because of its regular updates and smooth operation.

Since ERP solutions are primarily built for enterprise users the modular characteristic of Odoo ERP allows businesses of all sizes to implement an ERP solution with only the apps they need at the moment. This lets businesses avoid the big initial expenses typical of ERP implementation while also supporting growth with tightly integrated apps

Odoo ERP has steadily grown since its early open source days when it launched in 2005. As more apps are developed and become available some users complain of difficulty finding complete documentation of all apps in one centrally located resource hub, this makes it challenging for new users who have to hurdle a steep learning curve to use the system also depending on location customer support is not as responsive as it could be.

Still not sure Odoo ERP is right for you? Take this course and see how all of your business needs are taken care of.

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