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Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2020 Specialist Exam

Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2020 Specialist Exam

Price: $19.99

Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2020 Specialist Test Series | Exam Number: 1Z0-1071-20

An Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2020 Certified Specialist has demonstrated the knowledge required to create and manage Conversational AI, Dialog flow and conversation Design. This candidate is able to create backend integrations, build skills and tune the behavior of Oracle Digital Assistant Service. Up-to-date training and hands-on experience supporting or leading Digital Assistant implementations, or equivalent practice is recommended. This certification is available to all candidates.​

Exam Topics:

Oracle Digital Assistant Essentials

  • Describe primary building blocks and provisioning of Oracle Digital Assistant

  • Explain architecture of Oracle Digital Assistant

Conversational AI

  • Describe Training Models

  • Implement Intent Design

  • Perform Test process, roles and best practices

  • Create and use Entities

  • Create and use Composite Bag

Dialog Flow

  • Describe Dialog Flow

  • Navigation using Dialog Flows

  • Use System Components

  • Use Visual Components

  • Perform Apache FreeMarker Operations

  • Resolve Entities in Dialog Flows

Conversation Design

  • Describe Plan and Personality in Conversation Design

  • Escaping the validation loop

  • Handle Out-of-order messages

  • Handle errors in Conversation Design

Backend Integration and Channels

  • Create, Build and Implement a Custom Component and Embedded Container Service

  • Explain Identity Integration

  • Build a Web Form, externally hosted webviews

  • Build a Multi-Language Skill

  • Explain Channels

  • Implement Service Cloud Integration

Digital Assistant and Skills

  • Describe Digital Assistant and Smart Dialogs

  • Implement Digital Assistant Intents and Interactions

  • Tune Routing Behavior and limit the frequency of Prompts

Note: Cloud technology is ever-evolving. Oracle updates exam content regularly, to align with product updates and certification standards. Check exam topics before sitting for your exam to ensure that you are prepared for any updated content.


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