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Part 1 Digital Practitioners Certification Course

Part 1 Digital Practitioners Certification Course

Price: $49.99

Digital skills are being sought after in every transformation project or initiatives. The University of California has replaced Project Management course and replaced it with Product Management. Most companies are looking to have a product mindset in their companies even though they may be in services or consulting. How to productize your offerings is a key skill being looked at by companies. The DpBoK framework focus on the intersection of Agile , Lean , Digital skills , work management with organization culture and elements of Design thinking to help one come to terms with the fact that working software need not be the ultimate measure of business or customer outcomes. If a product or solution has to do well then there are a whole lot of best practices right from ensuring that firstly you are climbing the right wall in your product or solution , choosing what to work on i.e. explore the problem , build the right thing and building the thing right finally. This reduces a lot of waste in the system and gears one to move with a single pointed focus on your digital initiatives.

DpBoK framework can help professionals who wish to create and manage product offerings with an increasing digital component, or lead their organization through Digital Transformation.

Useful for IT professionals working within any size organization, from a startup through to a large enterprise, that has adopted digital approaches.

A must have tool which have a bouquet of learnings from multiple places all rolled into one framework DpBoK to help one be effective at work.

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