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PLC At Home – For Electrical and Control Engineers

PLC At Home – For Electrical and Control Engineers

Price: $39.99

This course provides hands-on Step by Step experience to integrate, Arduino, PLC and HMI using Modbus TCP by implementing real industrial projects.

Real projects will be designed step by step to help you grasp the concepts.

By the end of this course, you will be able to integrate various technologies to control industrial automation projects in multiple ways, like using Soft-PLC with Arduino and using HMI with Arduino.

The materials also contain a lot of videos that will teach you various skills. Stuff like, Ladder logic programming, HMI design, VFD driving and many other cool lectures that you can use to expand the Arduino integration in real industrial automation projects.

You will use technologies and brands like :

  • Arduino

  • CodeSys

  • Schneider Electric

  • Modbus TCP

  • VFD (Industrial motor drivers)

And the best part is you will be able to simulate and integrate most of the things without having to buy any expensive industrial automation hardware. However, if you plan to buy the equipment, then you will be able to design your projects since this course will walk you through Programming and schematic of two complete integration projects.

This course will be based on the famous industrial protocol Modbus TCP, where you will learn how to use it in integrating almost any Modbus TCP supported device with Arduino, and just to note, this protocol supported by over 70% of the industrial automation devices and equipment.

What you need is:

  • Arduino UNO

  • Arduino Ethernet shield

  • PC/Laptop with Windows

  • Some wires and potentiometer

  • Optional (8-CH Arduino Relay external card with 5v 700mA minimum power supply)

All software we will use are free so you don’t need to worry about obtaining any of them, all the links will be provided, noting that these are very highly professional software used by the biggest companies around the world and are by no mean poorly developed ones.

Skills you will learn in this course:

  • Arduino Integration with CodeSys Soft PLC systems

  • Arduino integration with HMI

  • Learning how to use Modbus TCP with multiple equipment

  • Basic VFD driving using Arduino

  • Design HMI screens in two different software

  • Designing in Ladder Logic

  • Handling Classical VFD devices (Industrial motor drivers)

  • Using Arduino to simulate small size industrial automation projects

The two projects designed from scratch in this course w are designed step by step. And besides, by the end of each project, an electrical panel-based demonstration video will be shown to let you see the result not only in simulation but also with real industrial automation electrical hardware.

An Arduino is NOT a replacement for a PLC system, though it can be deployed for small scale projects.

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