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PLC Programming With Structures (UDT / DUT)

PLC Programming With Structures (UDT / DUT)

Price: $29.99

Learn how to program a PLC using Structures

This course aims to teach the following:

  • How to create, implement and manage Structures (UDTs / DUTs) in a PLC program

  • Nested Structures

  • How Structures can streamline your PLC program and speed up development time and CPU execution time.

The course is built in a way that takes you through the basics of Structures to aid in understanding key concepts and then gradually ramps up into more complex design with structures, enabling the PLC to take full advantage of what structures can offer.

Key areas of the Course are:

  • Passing multiple variables as a Structure through a single interface on a Function Block

  • Why In_Out interfaces work best with Structures

  • How to modify Structures in a Live Online system

  • Passing Structures as Pointers

  • Passing Structured Data to visualization systems in a simple and clean method.

Where available, lectures come with the downloadable resource of the program used in the lecture, so you can work through the program in conjunction with the lecture to better aid learning.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Build / Create Structures In Any Modern PLC (Concepts are the same)

  • Utilize Structures To Optimize Code

  • Build A Program Paradigm That Promotes Structure Use

  • Use Structures To Help Execute High Speed And Efficient Code

I am always available for questions too, drop me a message here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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