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PMI CA0-001 Associate Project Management Practice Exam

PMI CA0-001 Associate Project Management Practice Exam

Price: $94.99

Sample Questions

Q) A contract can not be _____________.

a) illegal activities

b) deadline for completion of work

c) Fines and sanctions for the dissemination of intellectual property rights

d) All of the above

Q) Which of the following is the first in the project plan?

a) SCOPE education

b) Quality Plan

c) WBS

d) Development plan

Q) She is project manager of a project. During the selection process of the vendors, you refuse a supplier, because it has no manufacturing capacity. This is an example of which selection tool?

a) weighting system

b) Screening System

c) Seller rating system

d) expert Reviews

Q) ______________ it provides details on how the project scope can be changed.

a) the flow control system

b) VeiirV Scope

c) scope Paper

d) scope management plan

Q) Which of the following technique to identify the cause of a problem and take measures to prevent reoccurrence?

a) root cause analysis

b) quality controls

c) design checks

d) risk audits

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