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PMI CAPM Certified Associate in Project Management Exam – 3

PMI CAPM Certified Associate in Project Management Exam – 3

Price: $94.99

Sample Questions

Q) Fast track is a schedule compression technique used to reduce the project schedule without changing the project scope. Which of the following could be the result of fast-tracking?

a) The risk to achieving the project time increases.

b) The critical path will have a positive total float.

c) Provisions for contingencies are released to redistribute the project manager.

d) Duration buffer is added to maintain focus on the planned activity duration.

e) None

Q) documentation, requirements management plan requirements as well as requirements for traceability matrix, all outputs that process?

a) management domain

b) Collect Requirements

c) Create WBS

d) Defining Scope

e) None

Q) Which of the following is a strategy to deal with the positive risks or opportunities?

a) soften

b) Broadcast

c) use

d) To avoid

e) None

Q) What are the risks identified for the conduct of an excessive expansion in the WBS?

a) Insufficient funding for projects and disqualification sellers

b) Lack of project financing and the inefficient use of resources

c) Disqualification sellers and non-management efforts

d) Non-productive management effort and inefficient use of resources

e) None

Q) Which statement is true regarding the project management body of knowledge?

a) Recognized as a project manager

b) constantly evolving

c) The sum of all knowledge related to project management

d) The amount of knowledge that must be used in each project

e) None

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