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PMI (CAPM) Certified Associate Project Management Test Exams

PMI (CAPM) Certified Associate Project Management Test Exams

Price: $29.99

Welcome to tests PMI (CAPM) Certified Associate Project Management Test Exams

(PMI) Project Management Institute offers a professional certification known as the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) for individuals seeking to gain more responsibility or add project management skills into their current role. The PMI CAPM certification offers recognition to practitioners who are interested or are just starting a career in project management, as well as project team members who wish to demonstrate their project management knowledge.Individuals who contribute specialized skills to a project team can benefit from this certification by aligning their work with project managers. I

This practice test will help you prepare for the real official PMI CAPM exam test environment.

You will get Updated 600+ Questions .

PMI CAPM Exam Topics Syllabus Included :

1. Introduction to Project Management (6%)

2. Project Environment (6%)

3. Role of the Project Manager (7%)

4. Project Integration Management (9%)

5. Project Scope Management (9%)

6. Project Schedule Management (9%)

7. Project Cost Management (8%)

8. Project Quality Management (7%)

9. Project Resource Management (8%)

10. Project Communication Management (10%)

11. Project Risk Management (8%)

12. Project Procurement Management (4%)

13. Project Stakeholder Management (9%)

This is an Unofficial course and this course is not affiliated, licensed or trademarked with PMI in any way.

Wish you all the best for your exam !

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