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PowerPoint Mastery Course (PowerPoint 2016 & 19)

PowerPoint Mastery Course (PowerPoint 2016 & 19)

Price: $19.99

Do you want to improve the design of your presentation slides?

Do you want to create slides faster?

Do you want to make your slides eye-catching to impress your classmates, colleagues and friends?

In this course you will be able to learn

– How to design and animate your slides so that they will look professional

– Tips and tricks to transform your slide-making experience

There would be 5 main sections:

1. Basics of PowerPoint – This is where you will learn all the PowerPoint basics, from animations to design, to help you to be familiar with PowerPoint

2. Briefing before our 13 slide Presentation – This is where I will run you through functions such as animation panes and vector icons.

3. Full 13 Slide PowerPoint Presentation – This is where we would create a full PowerPoint presentation that is professional. We would go through step-by-step so that beginners can also follow easily.

4. Completing and Polishing our Presentation – This is where we would learn advanced functions. We will use them to polish our presentation so that it would be eye-catching .

5. Other PowerPoint Tricks & Tips – This is where we would learn tricks to create slides faster and get tips on tools to use for good design.

I will take you through every feature and every design slowly. I encourage you to take notes and try the assignments. If you need help, you can contact me through Udemy, Instagram or other social media platforms.

Don’t wait. Enrol today!


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