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Project Management Fundamentals with Practical Examples

Project Management Fundamentals with Practical Examples

Price: $94.99

You will learn the basics of project management, the three reasons projects fail.

– How to fill out a project charter using a real world example of how to build wealth, Agile project management and many other project management principles.

-We will talk about why project fail, how to keep them on track.

– I will teach you how to use productivy software using free trials that you can follow along. with.

-You will learn how to use basecamp, airtable and Jira.

-You can follow along and build your own projects or is back and watch. You will also get the bonus PDF the 10 priniples of leadership.

Patrick fagan 20 years business experience in private sector, you will learn the basics of project management, why they fail, how to keep them on tack , tools including airtable, mircosoft teams and agile. We will also talk about the 10 principle of leadership

We will discuss why project fail

– Poorly defined scope and goals

– Scope creep

– Unrealistic deadlines

– Uncooperative teams or disagreeing team members

One simple tip to keep projects on track

– Sr management buy and a path for Sr management to make decisions and want to make decision.

– -build a system internal or off the shelf

Bonus – Project Charter Document – PDF and word documents

What is needed to track a project

– airtable

– Scope, schedule and budget

– Team and client communications

– Monitors actives

– Focasts performance

– Manages status reporting

– Management project documents

– Controlling project changes

– Retention policy

11 principle of leadership

1) Know yourself and seek self-improvement.

2) Be technically and tactically proficient.

3) Make sound and timely decisions.

4) Set an example.

5) Know your team and look out for their welfare.

6) Keep your people informed.

7) Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions.

8) Ensure assigned tasks are understood, supervised, and accomplished.

9)Train the team.

10)Employ your team in accordance with its capabilities.

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