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Qlik Big Data Analytics

Qlik Big Data Analytics

Price: $24.99

Qlik On Demand App Generation (ODAG) is providing users the self service data selection option with Big Data sources enabling Business Discovery on a much larger scale. In this course we will learn how to build an On-Demand application with QlikView practically. All of the source codes of the project with detailed instruction is included in course resources.

The time of publishing this course, its the first learning package of building AD-HOC report using Qlikview.

The reason that I am publishing this course is , I was looking to find a course or article that I could implement an On-demand application with QlikView but I could not find any resources so It took me a long time to be able to implement it in my project. I decided to share my experience as a Udemy course that might help others to save time in their projects.

I am preparing an additional chapter for Qlikview administrators to optimize Qlikview enviroment. These configurations will help to improve Qlikview server performance. all of the sections will be added to current course.

In addition connecting to bigdata using new technologies like snowflake and denodo to present live dashboard would be the next project that would be updated in this course.

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