What is the most effective way to beat a cold and truly strengthen your immune system?


There’s not much one can do when they’ve got a cold. You can make yourself more comfortable by drinking hot liquids, using a humidifier, and staying in bed if you feel crappy. Some people feel better with acetaminophen (Tylenol) or decongestants.


It’s true that some people get more colds than others, but there is very little you can do to “strengthen” your immune system (it’s not a muscle). You have what you have. What you can do is take common-sense steps to keep yourself healthy by eating a sensible diet and getting some exercise.

Your immune system produces its disease-fighting components upon being exposed to germs. Ironically, getting sick can protect you from getting sick in the future. Unfortunately, some diseases come in too many varieties or mutate too quickly for you to develop a resistance. Colds are one of those.

The other way of developing resistance is through immunizations. You get the shot and your body reacts by stimulating your immune system, but you don’t actually get sick. Go and get your flu shot.

Credit: Irene Fuerst

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