Software Engineer vs Software Developer – What Is The Difference?


In order to differentiate software engineer vs software developer, we need to clearly know what these professions mean respectively.

A software engineer is a professional who fully engages in the application of engineering principles in software development while a software developer is a professional who creates software that runs on different types of computers. They write programming codes.

Software Engineer vs Developer

A software engineer works with other components of a hardware system, while software developers write a complete application.

The software engineer creates the tools for software development, while the software developers use off-the-shelf tools to create applications.

The software engineer tends to solve problems on a much larger scale, while software developers tend to do everything engineers do, but on a limited scale.

Software engineering is a team activity while software development is primarily a solitary activity.

Educational Degree Value

Software engineering degrees are additional benefits than those in software development.

Software development degrees are considered specializations in information technology or computer programming.

Software Engineer Software Developer
  1. Software engineer
  2. Principal software engineer
  3. Lead Software Development Engineer
  1. Software Architect
  2. Developer

Work Tools

The software engineer is who creates the tools to develop software, for example, visual studio and eclipse.

Software developers use software tools to develop web, mobile, and desktop apps.


The average salary for a Software Engineer is $105,861 per year in the United States.

The average salary for a Software Developer is $92,380 per year in the United States.


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