What Can I Do With a Psychology Degree?


A bachelor’s degree in psychology is a degree awarded to a student who has met all the requirements for graduation from a degree-granting college or university that teaches psychology.

Psychology students seek a deeper understanding of the human mind, emotions, and behavior.

What Can I Do With a Psychology Degree?

With a psychology degree, there are lot of job options available to you such as being,

A Psychologist

With additional education and training, you will be able to qualify as a certified psychologist.

In this highly specialized role, you will work with people of all backgrounds, both patients and clients.

You will analyze behaviors, thoughts, and emotions to better understand and counsel on certain actions and/or psychological issues.

As a certified psychologist, you will have the opportunity to specialize in a number of areas, including occupational psychology, educational psychology, sports, and mental health.


A psychotherapist will work with individuals, couples, groups, or families to help their clients overcome psychological problems, including emotional and relationship problems, stress, and even addiction.

Depending on what you choose to specialize in during your training, and depending on your personal interests, you may choose several approaches to working as a psychotherapist.

These include cognitive-behavioral techniques, psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapy, as well as art therapy, drama therapy, humanistic and integrative psychotherapy, hypno-psychotherapy, and experiential therapy.

Social Worker

A social worker is a person who works with people going through difficult times in their lives, including groups such as children or the elderly, people with disabilities, and victims of crime and abuse.

The role of the social worker is to protect these people from harm and provide support to enable people to improve their situation.

Social workers may work in schools, homes, hospitals, or other public institutions and usually specialize in working with children and families or with vulnerable adults.


As a counselor, you will be involved in helping people improve their lives and experiences by exploring feelings and emotions.

You will work in a confidential environment and will be expected to listen carefully to your clients.

The key traits of a counselor are the ability to listen, empathize, show respect and patience, and analyze problems that arise to enable the client to better cope with their situation and help them make good choices.

Like psychotherapy, counseling is often a form of talk therapy and can cover areas such as marriage and family, health, abuse, rehabilitation, education, grief, mental health, career counseling and pediatrics.



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