What Is The Salary Of Aeronautical Engineer Working In The World?


Aeronautical Engineers are respected around the world because of the nature of their work. However, many scholars want to know is the salary of aeronautical engineer around the globe. In this article, we

Aeronautical engineers are aerospace engineers who work with aircraft and missile systems that operate only within the planet’s atmosphere.

Applicants typically need a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or a closely related field before finding employment.

Salary Of Aeronautical Engineer Worldwide

Since the average annual aerospace engineering salary varies from country to country, it’s important to compare salaries for the countries you plan to work in, to determine if they meet your needs. Here’s a look at the average annual salary for aerospace engineers around the world, according to the ERI:

Argentina $699.046 ARS ($16,701 USD)
Australia $151,320 AUD ($108,517 USD)
Austria €73 758 EUR ($83,335 USD)
Belgium € 76.994 EUR ($87 USD)
Brazil R$131.371 BRL ($33,117 USD)
Canada $124,220 CAD ($93,090 USD)
Chile $28.505.727 CLP ($43,111 USD)
China ¥303,012 CNY ($45,305 USD)
Costa Rica 20 327 082 CRC ($34,014 USD)
Czech Republic 978 129 CZK ($43,067 USD)
Denmark 654.652 DKK ($99,082 USD)
Egypt 159,508 EGP ($9,244 USD)
Estonia 29 954 € EUR ($33,844 USD)
France 67 478 EUR ($76,242 USD)
Germany 85.510 EUR ($96,611 USD)
Iceland 9.905.625 ISK ($82,541 USD)
India 8,67,543 INR
Italy €64.781 EUR ($73,191 USD)
Japan ¥12,776,130 JPY ($113,997 USD)
South Korea 54,605,460 KRW ($48,222 USD)
Mexico $447,155 MXN ($23,775 USD)
Netherlands € 73.737 EUR ($83,313 USD)
Norway kr 909 166 NOK ($107,052 USD)
Poland 122 664 PLN ($32,448 USD)
Spain 49.532 € EUR ($55,964 USD)
Sweden 603.072kr SEK ($65,237 USD)
Switzerland 117’175 CHF ($115,972 USD)
Turkey 101.581 TRY ($17,693 USD)
United Arab Emirates 335,095 AED ($91,228 USD)
United Kingdom £65,740 GBP ($85,731 USD)
United States $122,043 USD

If you’re just starting a career in aerospace engineering, your starting salary may look different from one country to the next.

For example, entry-level aerospace engineering jobs in the averaged a starting salary of £29,659 per year or about $38,651USD per year, according to PayScale.

However, PayScale reports that entry-level aerospace engineers in the United States make an annual salary of $72,543.

The average annual salary for aerospace engineers may differ across sources. For instance, you may expect an average aerospace engineering salary of $107,265 per year in the United States, according to ZipRecruiter.

However, data from Glassdoor places the national average salary for aerospace engineers at $89,195.

PayScale reports even lower earnings for aerospace engineers in the United States with an average salary of $82,371 per year. The average you make in other countries may vary, too.

For instance, aerospace engineers in the United Arab Emirates make an average annual salary of 247,470 AED, or about $67,374 USD, according to PayScale. So, it’s important to compare different locations.

What Impacts The Salaries Of Aeronautical Engineers Across the World?

A number of factors may affect the average salary for aerospace engineering jobs around the world, including your location of work.

For example, the cost of living and demand for aerospace engineers may differ from country to country.

Countries with large defense or transportation industries often need aerospace engineers, such as the United States, Canada, and the OECD’s price level indices show how price levels differ around the world.

While the United States pays some of the highest average salaries in the world, it falls behind countries like Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland.

Moreover, the cost of rent and housing is often higher there than in most countries around the world, including Greece, Brazil, and Spain. So, it’s crucial to consider your cost of living even if you earn a high aerospace engineering salary.

The industry you work in and the company you work for may also impact your annual salary as an aerospace engineer.

You can find aerospace engineering jobs across several industries, including the travel, defense, tech, space, and transportation industries.

Some countries stand out with paying top salaries for aerospace engineers in these industries, including Denmark, Switzerland and the United States.

Engineers are often in demand in the United States and often earn high wages. In fact, some of the highest-paid salaries in the United States are among engineering majors.

Moreover, your education, your role, and level of seniority may impact the salary you earn as an aerospace engineer.

For instance, data from Indeed indicates that the average annual aerospace engineering salary in the United States varies between $73,422 for mechanical engineers and $115,881 for senior system engineers.

Most aerospace engineers need a bachelor’s degree. Also, the potential to earn more increases as you gain more experience as an aerospace engineer.

For example, data from PayScale reveals that experienced aerospace engineers based in Switzerland make eight percent more than entry-level aerospace engineers.



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