What paper type should be used for charcoal drawing?


Charcoal drawing is a form of art that uses black charcoal to create stark, graphic images. The best paper type for this style of artwork is typically rag or canvas paper because it has a high absorptive capacity and creates beautiful textures when drawn on with the charcoal.

Other types of papers such as acid-free archival paper are also suitable for this Ink Drawing style, but they tend to be less absorbent and will require more pressure from the artist to produce desired results. It’s important to experiment with different types of paper in order not get bored or stagnant with your work, so take some time and try out a few different options before settling on something you love.

Charcoal drawing is a great way to capture your thoughts and ideas quickly and easily, but you need the right paper type. If you’re using ordinary white paper, your charcoal will smudge and merge with the background, resulting in a messy finished product. For best results, use sketchbook-quality watercolor paper or thick 140lb vellum Paper for Charcoal Drawing.

This type of paper allows air to flow through it easily which helps to keep the charcoal from sticking together. Additionally, these papers are acid free which prevents damage to your drawings over time. Moreover, they are tear resistant so you won’t have to worry about them getting ruined by tears or splatters during art class!

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