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Real World Machine Learning Case Studies, Projects (Python)

Real World Machine Learning Case Studies, Projects (Python)

Price: $54.99

Machine learning is not like any other technology, but it is in many cases the only technology that can solve certain problems. We need to ensure that all people involved in the project have a common understanding of what is required, how the process works, and that we have a realistic view of what is possible with the tools at hand. To boil down all this to its core components we could consider a few important rules:

  • create a common ground of understanding, this will ensure the right mindset

  • state early how progress should be measured

  • communicate clearly how different machine learning concepts works

  • acknowledge and consider the inherited uncertainty, it is part of the process

In this course, we are going to work on the following projects

  1. Walmart Sales Forecasting Using Regression Analysis

  2. Flight Fare Prediction

  3. Predicting diabetes based on diagnostic measures

  4. Predicting Heart disease based on a diagnosis report

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