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Real-World Programming for Kids with Python

Real-World Programming for Kids with Python

Price: $19.99

In this course, a father and two sons take you on a fun-filled adventure into the exciting world of programming with Python. Geared towards ages 8-14, this program is designed to teach kids the basic fundamentals of programming and to spark a passion for coding with fun and practical examples and exercises.

Parents should sit with their child to watch each video and assist with installing the necessary software and completing coding exercises.

Basic computer skills, including keyboard typing and using a mouse are required to get through this course and some prior exposure to programming will be helpful, especially for younger children. We recommend the MIT Scratch program as a precursor to this course if you’ve never done any programming before.

All of the exercises demonstrated in this course were run on a Windows 10 computer. Most of the exercises should also work on a Mac as well, although some slight differences may be encountered.

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