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SAFe Scaled Agile Cert. in 1st Attempt – Mock/Practice Tests

SAFe Scaled Agile Cert. in 1st Attempt – Mock/Practice Tests

Price: $49.99


Questions in these tests are tailor made to give a real life test experience to students and working professionals who are planning to pass the SAFe Certification exam in the first attempt. The key to ace SAFe Certification exam is dedicated hard work to understanding concepts and attempting enough practice tests. I have ensured that each and every topic related to SAFe Certification exam is covered in this test. So, if you have have less time to prepare for the tests due to your professional commitments, solve these tests, ace these tests, and google the concepts when you are reviewing the answers. I am sure that solving these 6 test papers and understanding all the concepts mentioned in these 270 questions will enable you to pass the exam.

Exam Details:

This exam has 45 questions and 90 mins to solve them. To pass this exam you need 77% marks which is 33 answers needs to be correct to pass the exam. There are no negative marks. This test includes multiple-choice as well as multiple-select questions.

Areas Covered:

These tests touches on all the areas of SAFe Certification mentioned below:

· Thriving in a Digital Age with Business Agility

· Becoming a Lean Agile Leader

· Establishing Team and Technical Agility

· Building Solutions with Agile Product Delivery

· Exploring Lean Portfolio Management

· Leading the Change

These tests will prepare you for that D-Day. All the best.

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