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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification-2021

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification-2021

Price: $29.99

Take the next step to pass the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator exam! These practice tests are updated based on the Spring 2021 release.

These practice tests resemble the same structure as the actual certification exam.

· 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions

· Time to complete the exam: 105 minutes

· Passing score: 67%

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator should have knowledge of the various features available to end-users and their configuration options. Administrators should be able to maintain the Marketing Cloud platform, provide best practices to common business requirements, and troubleshoot account configuration.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator should be able to demonstrate their skills, knowledge, and expertise in the following areas:

· Account configuration including users, business unit structure, and security settings

· Subscriber data management/data quality

· Configure various Marketing Cloud products (all studios and builders)

· Knowledge and best practices for implementing integrations (MC Connect, FTP Sites, API calls)

· General Account monitoring

· Troubleshooting configuration and user requests

· Knowledge of installed applications (Deployment Manager, AppExchange)

· Digital marketing proficiency’s and compliance with CAN-SPAM requirements

The exam is broken down into 5 sections:

· Digital Marketing Proficiency: 13%

· Subscriber Data Management: 18%

· Setup: 38%

· Channel Management: 16%

· Maintenance: 15%

The Administrator is not expected to know programmatic languages or developer asks. The candidate should know when to use AMPscript or when to use SQL for a given scenario.

Be sure to complete the relevant trails on Trailhead in addition to these practice exams.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT expect these practice tests to have the exact questions as the Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam. These are very similar in structure to the official test but we do not condone cheating or attempt to acquire identical questions from the official Salesforce Certification exam.


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