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SAP CPM-Commercial Project Management- Interactive Training

SAP CPM-Commercial Project Management- Interactive Training

Price: $99.99

** Disclaimer **

  1. I don’t do Live Trainings. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and many other countries.

  2. I am NOT associated with SAP.

  3. SAP software and SAP GUI are proprietary SAP software. Neither Udemy nor me are authorized to provide SAP Access. You can officially get SAP Access to practice on SAP system from SAP’s website.

Course Summary

Commercial Project Management provides the solutions which address various business processes of the companies which provide project based services.

Project Workspace and Project Cost and Revenue Planning provide role-based, intuitive user interfaces bases on workbook which allow user to work with complex financial and non-financial data.

SAP Commercial Project Management covers multiple processes in an end-to-end scenario spanning the selling, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling of projects. Companies that sell projects (for example, in the professional services or the engineering, construction, and operations industries) can use these solutions to further professionalize their core business processes and expand beyond back office capabilities.

Project Workspace and Project Cost and Revenue Planning provide role-based, intuitive user interfaces that allow you to work with complex financial and non-financial data.

For companies that sell projects, Project Issue and Change Management addresses requirements related to the efficient management of logging and documenting issues and changes, assigning responsible people, and managing tasks to process the issues and changes.

SAP Commercial Project Management extends the capabilities of the SAP Business Suite in the following scenarios:

  • Project cost, revenue, and quantity planning (from the bid and proposal phase of the project, to the baseline planning, the subsequent planning of change requests, project forecasting, and estimation to completion)

  • Project issue and change management

  • Project management (the availability of the project workspace for the project manager; this includes embedded reporting, project status and risk management, the alert function, and the integration with project-related procurement

  • Contract and engagement management with enhanced functions to monitor and track billing and account receivables, additional scenarios for periodic billing, and the management of work in progress (WIP)

Inside Topics

  • Master Project Type overview

  • Project workspace

  • Project Risk management

  • Status and Review

  • Milestone Checklist

  • Financial Plan for bidding structure

  • Teams in Project

  • Contact Person

  • Business Partner

  • Financial plan for Execution Structure

  • Transfer Financial Plan values to PS Project in ECP

  • Import Quantity from SAP PS to CPM Financial Plan

  • Billing Plan Manager

  • Embedded Analytics

  • Overview of Installation Guide

  • Issue and Change Management

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