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SAP Fiori- Learn MM in SAP Fiori from Scratch

SAP Fiori- Learn MM in SAP Fiori from Scratch

Price: $89.99

This course is designed on the concept of SAP Fiori by SAP S/4 HANA system. SAP Fiori is evolving rapidly in the market and companies are using its applications for their business tasks. To comprehend the need of SAP Fiori, I want to create a course which will be based on SAP Fiori application. This course will benefit any person who wants to learn Material Management in SAP Fiori launchpad instead of SAP GUI. Besides this, it will also cover the customization, personalization, integration and formation of groups in tiles and links.

If you want to become a SAP MM Consultant or an End User in SAP MM than this course will help you to work in any SAP based firm as it will cover all aspects of MM. By the end of this course, you will be confident enough to apply your knowledge in the real world.

As this course is only based on SAP Fiori, so it will not cover SAP GUI. This will only teach you SAP MM transactions and how to work with Fiori apps particularly transactional apps. Moreover, it has a plus point as in near future, companies will start moving towards mobile computing and they will hire employees who have knowledge of using SAP Fiori apps for procurement process on their mobile devices instead of using company computers to post small business transactions.

In SAP MM, I will teach you how to maintain business partner by creating vendor in the SAP Fiori, create material, purchase requisition, RFQs, different types of purchase orders, service master data, manage stock, create goods receipt, transfer posting, create supplier invoice, post outgoing payments and many other concepts. Throughout the whole course, my intention is to clear your concepts about each term and if I missed anything as MM is a vast field, you can highlight that, and I will try my best to update you with information.


SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and many other countries. Neither Udemy nor I am authorized to provide SAP Access. SAP Fiori Launchpad URL access can be provided to you if you purchase license or work under a company which is a SAP client.


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