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SAP IM- Investment Management Hands on training

SAP IM- Investment Management Hands on training

Price: $69.99

The Investment Management (IM) component provides functions to support the planning, investment, and financing processes for:

Capital investments, such as the acquisition of fixed assets as the result of-house production or purchase Investments in research and development

Projects that fall primarily under overhead, such as continuing education of employees or establishing new markets Maintenance programs

The term investment, therefore, is not limited only to investments you capitalize for bookkeeping or tax purposes. An investment in this context can be any measure that initially causes costs, and that may only generate revenue or provide other benefits after a certain time period has elapsed (for example, plant maintenance projects).

In this training , SAP IM (Investment management) is explained by explaining business process & Business cases. All the business transactions have been explained by mapping in SAP IM and its integrated module.

They way of explaining includes-

1. Business Process (Business Case ) explanation

2. Transactions in SAP

3. Required Configuration

Below are the topics covered in this course

1. Investment Program Master data , planning and budgeting in investment program

2. Appropriation Request : Business case, master data in SAP, how to plan the values and replacement of measures

3. Role up the plan values from measures to Program

4. Distribution of the budget from program to assigned measures

5. Role , Authorization matrix concept and how to create a role.

6. Concept of asset under construction

7. Program profile

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