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SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) Certification Training

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) Certification Training

Price: $19.99

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is the largest module in SAP and manages all organizational processes from order to delivery. SAP SD optimize all activities and tasks carried out in billing, sales and delivery, credit and returns, and integration with financials.

Because of huge demand of SAP SD Consultants in the market, most of the Sales and Marketing professionals, other SAP consultants and beginners are all motivated to learn SAP SD.

SAP SD is a functional module of SAP ERP, and a core one as well. SAP SD module helps to store all the product data of an organization. SAP SD helps to maintain and manage the shipping, pricing, selling, billing, and transportation of products and services.

Uplatz provides this comprehensive SAP SD training that covers all basic to advanced level of Sales and Distribution management process and its Configuration & Integration on SAP SD Application tool such as:

  • Master data creation

  • Shipping Process & Customization

  • Pricing & Condition techniques

  • Sales & Customer Handing process

  • Sales Documentation & Customization Process

  • Billing process & Customization

  • Basic & Cross functioning

  • Organizational Structure and availability check

This SAP SD training course puts emphasis on real-time scenarios and business processes. To become a successful SAP SD functional consultant, you need to understand the client’s requirements well. This training helps you in managing sales and customer distribution data and processes in organizations. The trainees will get to understand SAP SD module and also will be able to work closely with other SAP modules towards an effective process work.

Course Objectives

Some of the key objectives of SAP SD training are:

1. Understand Organizational Units and Structure in Sales, Shipping, and Billing

2. Have complete knowledge of Customer data, Master data, and Customer-material Info Record

3. Understand the core concepts of Sales Document Processing and Reporting

4. Gain knowledge on end to end process of Delivery i.e. Types, Item Categories, Picking, Packaging, Scheduling & Routing

5. Understand price processing techniques, records and bonus processing

6. Complete knowledge on basics of billing, types, plans and account determination

SAP SD – Course Syllabus

I. Introduction to SD
Introduction to ERP
SAP Overview
Functions and Objectives Of SD
Overview Cycle of SD

II. Organizational structure of an Enterprise in the SAP ECC system
Navigation basics- Easy access, favorites, settings
Creation of Organizational Elements – Company, Company code, Plant, Storage Location, Sales organization, Distribution channel, Sales Office, Sales group and Assignments

III. Master Data
Material Master
Customer Master
Customer Material Information record

IV. Pricing Process and Determination
Pricing Condition technique overview
Define Access sequence
Define Condition Types
Define pricing procedures
Pricing procedure determination
Pricing conditions in sales order
Pricing conditions in Invoicing

V. Document Types for Pre sales and Sales Documents
(IN, QT, OR, QC, WK1, WK2, CS, RO, CR, DR) – vov8
Define Document types
Define Number Ranges for Document Type
Defining Sales document types with controls
Sales Item category defining and controls
Schedule line categories
Item category and schedule line categories determinations

VI. Sales Cycles – sales processes
Sales Inquiry Process
Sales Quotation Process
Contracts processing
Sales Order Process
Delivery and Shipping process
Invoicing Process
Credit and Debit Memo process
Credit Sales Process- Configuring credit checks, risk categories
Cash Sales process
Rush Order process

VII. Free goods processing
Free goods process overview
Free goods Condition technique
Exclusive and Inclusive free offers

VIII. Revenue Account Determination:
Integration of SD with FI/CO
Revenue account determination process
Revenue account determination
G/L account determinations

IX. SD Basic Functions
Partner determination process
Output determination process
Text determination process
Material determination
Transfer of requirements
Availability check process
Incompletion process
Listing and Exclusion
Route determination process
Working with Bill of Materials

X. Special Sales Special Processes :
Consignment Sales process
Stock transport order
Third party process
Returnable transport packaging – RTP
Intercompany Sales
Rebates processing

XI. Invoicing Plans
Periodic Invoicing
Milestone billing

XII. Variant Configuration
Variant Configuration Overview
Confuting variant configuration process
Working with variants & variants pricing
Testing scenarios in variant pricing

XIII. Integration with Other Modules and Support:
Integration of SD with FI/CO
Integration of SD with MM
Integration of SD with PP
Idocs handling
Batch Jobs handling
Support Projects Handling documentation
Implementation Projects handling & documentation


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