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SC-900: Practice test (MS Security, Compliance and Identity)

SC-900: Practice test (MS Security, Compliance and Identity)

Price: $19.99

“This SC-900 (MS Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals) is an dedicated certification exam designed by MS for individuals or professionals who want to excel their career into the compliance and cyber security and would like to understand about Microsoft cloud based security services”.

The questions are collected from a variety of domains mentioned in the MS SC-900 Exam topics and domains are mentioned below.

1: Describe the concepts of security, compliance, and identity

2: Describe the capabilities of Microsoft Identity and access management solutions

3: Describe the capabilities of Microsoft security solutions

4: Describe the capabilities of Microsoft compliance solutions

Microsoft SC-900 Security, Compliance, & Identity Fundamentals Practice Test course offers below mentioned features

  1. 3 Practice tests each having unique questions.

  2. I have given reference links & screenshots from Microsoft Documentation as data points.

  3. Thought full questions and detailed reference given in each answer.

  4. Detailed explanation for every correct answer.

  5. Reference links & screenshots are given to provider better clarity.

  6. Faster response from the instructor if there are any doubts.

  7. Mobile Device compatible Practice test

  8. Prepared by a Certified Security architects and compliance officers.

  9. 30-Day Money-back guarantee

  10. Lifetime access to given practice tests and upcoming changes.

  11. 30-Day Money-back guarantee as per udemy policy

Completely new practice tests for the SC-900 practice test designed to help you clear the exam and achieve the Microsoft SC-900: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals certification.

Separate timed tests with a total of 120 questions to test your preparation level. The questions are created people having good exposure in cloud security and Audits.

Version 1

4 Questions Modified – April 11 2021

Version 2

11 Questions Added – April 12 2021

Version 3

9 Questions Added – April 15 2021

Version 4

10 Questions added – 22 April 2021

Version 5

10 Questions added – 24 April 2021

Version 6

10 Questions added – 28th April 2021

Version 7

10 Questions added – 01 May 2021


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