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SCRUM Burndown Chart with Excel:Follow up of Remote Projects

SCRUM Burndown Chart with Excel:Follow up of Remote Projects

Price: $19.99

This course shows how the Burndown Chart of Scrum-Agile methodology indicates the following state of the assignment for the remote job team:

a) Remaining Scheduled or Planned Hours.

These are the ideal number of hours to accomplish the assignment in a timely manner day by day.

b) Remaining Actual Hours. The ideal or planned hours are affected after the start of the

execution with delays and change controls that add new tasks. The line above the Remaining Scheduled orange line shows the delays of the assignment. These delays above the Remain Scheduled are over costs to the assignment that must be paid.

c) The effective hours worked for each day. By effective we

understand how much work we finished using the Scheduled hours. For example, for day One we have planned 8 hours. But we just accomplished 50% of the job. That means we had an effective performance of just 4 hours.

Build the BurnDown Chart with Excel from the Work Breakdown Structure and the Gantt Chart.

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